"Anne Simon is a genuine talent. Her insights into human behavior and the human condition are a profound gift. In working with her I routinely discovered the ability to see situations and the world through different lenses, and almost always the lenses I needed to be looking through to see the right path on my leadership journey. She pulls no punches, and holds up mirror to mirror. Through her guidance you will see what you need to see and be able to act and drive real change."

Eric from Florida

"I feel like I have some power and control in my life now. I can influence what comes into my life. My life is completely different, and this is all a direct result of Anne’s coaching."

Rachel from Virginia

"Working with Anne has been tremendously helpful to my family. She has helped to guide us through an emotionally strenuous process gracefully and confidently. With her advice and suggestions, we have made thoughtful decisions which will be with us for the remainder of our children's academic careers. I highly recommend Anne's services to anyone entering into the private school application process, she has been our guiding light!"

Erica from California

"I was stuck: not moving and frustrated after a series of physical, emotional, and financial life blows that seemed to stop time and block me from further action. I saw no workable future without big losses in freedom, friendships, living space, and mobility. It was looking dismal. My daughters noticed it and recommended I talk to Anne Simon.

What makes Anne so valuable is that she listens, but also hears. She “visited” my life via phone appointments. After just one, I had plans for a short term future (one week), and was beginning to believe there was a window with light coming into my life. After each week’s conference my future got bigger and longer and brighter. She showed me how to see my options clearer and finally opened the door to the life I wanted. Much of this was her helping me to hear my own heart and address my own desires effectively.

My family and friends are pretty good at listening and helping me hear my real heart, but Anne visited it and turned on the light. Anne is different, Anne is a gift."

Wendy from Georgia

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