Anne Simon, MA, BCC

The Journey Coach

Anne Simon, MA, BCC

I will be your coach and guide, your “compagno di strada” (companion for the road). I will listen to your thoughts and dreams, support and challenge your growth, and stand with you as you begin to walk this new part of your life’s journey.

Whether you are facing adult or parenting life anew, experiencing or desiring a major life transition, or just dealing with the inevitable sink holes in the road, I can listen to your deeper voice and ask the powerful questions that will unleash your self-discovery, planned actions, and vibrant life. I will help you explore your questions, clarify your purpose and goals, and strategize the steps to achieve the life that is just right for you.

My life’s work has been a balance of family, career, and personal growth. As a parent of every variety possible (bio/adoptive/step/foster/grand), a seasoned teacher and administrator, and a person determined to wring the life out of life, I have learned some valuable lessons to pass along. Mostly, I have learned that we each have our own exciting and life-fulfilling journey to discover, and the perfect answers for you to achieve this lie within you.

I hold a Masters degree from Columbia University and have enjoyed a 40 year executive career in education. I have also received my Board Certified Coach designation from the National Center for Credentialing and Education.

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