Life Coach

I can help you ADDRESS THE BIG ISSUES in your life; define your core values, clarify your life’s purpose, and set goals and strategies for reaching your dreams. We will partner to explore your deepest questions and the answers that I know you already have inside you. In our confidential conversations, I will listen deeply to what you say and ask you the kind of questions that open your mind and heart to what you really want to achieve and experience in your life. I can also work with you through the MAJOR LIFE TRANSITIONS we all experience. I will be your “companion along the way” during those times that challenge you to make important and careful choices. If you are dealing with career questions or shifts, relationship, marriage or divorce issues, major moves, empty nest, or retirement questions, I will support your inner exploration to uncover the most healthful path for you.

Parent Guide

After many years as teacher, educational administrator, parent (both biological and adoptive), stepparent, therapeutic foster parent, and grandparent, I have become very familiar with what I call CONDITIONS FOR GROWTH in children and teens. It is a simple but profound rubric that can help illumine CHILD/TEEN DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGES. By listening to your story and offering a context to explore your children’s’ issues and/or behaviors, you will find perspective and create strategies that can change even the most distressful dynamics.

Anne Simon, MA, BCC.

Career Coach

Contemporary life does not come stress free! Managing the BALANCE OF YOUR WORK LIFE WITH YOUR FAMILY OR PERSONAL LIFE can be a daunting experience. As we share our time together, I will encourage you to find that inner equilibrium that gives you the strength you want to live your best life.

JOB SHIFTS AND CHANGES, good or bad, can bring with them the need for support and clarification as you approach the quandary of matching your passions and skills with your real life opportunities. We can explore these questions together and bring a high level of self-awareness and consciousness to your necessary decisions as you create goals to achieve what you most desire in your career.

Educational Navigator

After a 40 career in private education as a teacher and administrator, understanding private and independent schools, how they operate and how to navigate them has become as familiar to me as breathing. I understand the different kinds of private schools that are available to you and can help you see how your personal educational philosophy can match with the schools in your area. As a Coach, I do not work as an educational consultant; rather, I can NAVIGATE YOU THROUGH THE SCHOOL PLACEMENT PROCESS. I do not have a personal relationship with any admissions directors or school administrators and I cannot influence their decisions in any way, but I can assist you in having control of your own admissions search. I will support you in DEFINING YOUR EDUCATIONAL VALUES AND CRAFTING A FAMILY MESSAGE that will communicate those ideals. I will MAKE SURE YOU COMPLETE ALL THE STEPS OF THE PROCESS, from touring, interviewing, the applications and recommendations. Your experience will create a clear and organic picture of your family and your child/ren to share with the schools where you choose to apply.